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someone preorder brunette ambition and get me an autograph im poor

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they should get barbra streisand to be in glee but not play herself she should play like a bad streisand impersonator they hire for rachel’s birthday and rachel spends the whole time going ‘omg she doesn’t even look like her’

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@NiallOfficial: Jesus I have some weird dreams!

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My life has changed in almost every way, but I couldn’t be more grateful. I couldn’t be happier - I feel like the luckiest guy in the world -Cory Monteith

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"Mark and I spend a lot of time together - especially on the tour."

"like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold winters night"

"A bromantic Friday evening at breadstix"

"Huge love for brother Cory. Can’t wait to hit the course with ya"

"going through a million memories and emotions today. ill love you always Brother Cory."

"Thank you for everything Canada. Cory always spoke so highly of you. I get it."

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